Application of renting of our Meeting Room should be made by a legal entity, corporation for carrying out lawful activities. Inspiring Tableland reserves the final right not to rent out the Meeting Room to any person, entities, or corporation.


Renting of Meeting Room should obey the rules and regulation as required by Inspiring Tableland for the period of time reserved.


In the event of longer time is required for the use of the Meeting Room, consent should be obtained from the Manager of Inspiring Tableland and any over-run of reserved time will be subject to additional payment.


Tenant for the Meeting Room is responsible for the proper use of the inhouse fixtures, equipment, furniture or tools in the premises and ensure that such rented inhouse fixtures, equipment, furniture or tools are in good working condition upon return to Inspiring Tableland at time of hand-over.


The Tenant is held solely liable for any damage ( fair wear & tear excepted ) on the inhouse fixtures, equipment, furniture or tools caused by negligence of the personnel of tenant or their invited participants, and the Tenant will be responsible for the expenses in reinstating such damaged inhouse fixtures, equipment, furniture or tools back to sound working condition.


The Tenant is responsible to maintain tidiness and cleanliness of the rented Meeting Room and to remove and dispose of any of their belongings or garbage upon completion of use and hand-over of the Meeting Room.


All posters, banners, and display boards intended to be used during the rented period should obtain the consent of Inspiring Tableland.


All inhouse fixtures should not be altered or intentionally tampered.


No obscene or indecent materials are to be displayed, disseminated, or used in conducting the activities in the Meeting Room. Immoral activities are not allowed in the Meeting Room.


No-Smoking or gambling are allowed in the Meeting Room.


Inspiring accepts no responsibility in relation to any injuries, deaths, damages, or any financial consequences caused by the activities of the Tenant in the Meeting Room during the rented period. The Tenant is responsible for arrangement of any Insurance Coverage for their organized activities where necessary.


Inspiring Tableland reserves all rights for final explanation of the rental terms